Welcome to the pages of private hi-fi restoration, preserving the analogue reproduction of music, researching and experimenting with modern and old equipment, and exploring the interface between hi-fi history and modernity of consummate music reproduction.

“Hardly anything appeals to our senses like music!” (GFHändel)


What is ms-vint-audio?

The rediscovery of music listening was accompanied by the rediscovery of “older” analog hi-fi equipment. Since 2009, the author has been renovating analog HiFi equipment on a part-time basis.
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Vintage EMT929 tonearm on EMT 948 or historically EMT 930. High quality engineering
… an older tonearm

What else appears here?

In addition to the restoration, the car puts a lot of value on a high-quality playback chain and good room acoustics . RIAA characteristic of the American league for disc record. But there are many more intuitive characteristics

You will find self-construction projects on various topics that serve this purpose.

The individual categories / submenus will gradually fill up. Please be patient as the photo inventory has to be processed …….

What will not you find?

Schematics are usually copyrighted by the developer. On the other hand, they are an essential part of the rebuilding and basis of the restoration.
MUSES 72430 as the most modern and best sounding volume control. The setting is made digitally via a controller via SPI interface
Muses on piggyback board
For this reason, they are not published in principle – even in excerpts.

The same applies to self-developed software. The code is only provided after consultation.

Who is behind it as a person?

Just take a look at the imprint .
And a request:
If you want to contact, please only by mail.
My job and my family leaves me only limited time, so the request for mail contact.

All replicas, restorations, the handling of electronics, electrics and machines presuppose self-responsible proper handling.
The author assumes no liability / guarantee for the correct functioning of the circuits described here, restorations or for possible problems or defects in interaction with other audio devices.
Replication and commissioning are at your own risk.


The entire photo material is self-created and is copyright M.Mute.
The images are clearly protected by invisible watermarks.
Use only with my consent.

Should foreign material be used and the author disagrees, this material will be removed immediately from the site. Here only a short mail to me.