In this – but very special hobby – there are always friends whose know-how, help, practical support, tips, brake man (s) is dependent.
You have my express thanks!

Ralph S:

With you everything went off with the XONO. Fabulous boards, incredible know-how, perfect troubleshooting, but above all angelic patience and constant encouragement !!

Jürgen B:

The mechanic, sprayed with ideas, ingenious CAD 3 D user, “the inschinor is nothing to swear”. The Hunsrücker comes from a deceitful mountain folk … ..

Michael H:

First steps with restoration. Could not I have looked over his shoulder, who knows?

Heiner F:

The digitalo, horn specialist and room acoustician. Heiner, what would we be without your measuring know-how, your incredible experience and your profoundly critical examination of everything that concerns hi-fi!

Michael M:

Thank you for your continued encouragement, for creating some board, for the key experience Greencone / Tube


What would the hi-fi world have lost if you did not keep reminding yourself “back to the roots”? Simple – but highly effective and superklinging – circuits. In addition, the truly great treasure of musicality and record collection.

Björn J .:

A model in construction and construction, thank you for your generosity and anytime responsiveness !!

Father Hans Mare:

Unfortunately, he no longer lives, but he has introduced me to the secrets of soldering, components, logic thinking, programming. Thank you, Dad!!

My former music teacher Mr. Kastner:

Music and electronics already belonged together as a student. He introduced us to the secrets of board design, building and listening

All regulars of the AAA Forum / Straelen:

Thank you for your continuous input, your criticism, your musical suggestions, the sharing of Currywurst and Pommes

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