Tools, machines and companions

Occasionally I am asked what I actually do with all the “magic” that I document here on the pages. Other question: which tool is used?

I am happy to share experiences here, but I do not want to be considered a influencer. I do not like it!

The principle of my grandfather and father “… cheap becomes expensive in the end; rather a little more money and reasonable tools ”, I still take it to heart.
And they were right !!
In the course of 40 years of handicraft the following has accumulated and proven… ..

electronic tool:
– Digital (and analog Hameg) storage oscilloscope
UNI-T digital multimeter
Philips high-resistance tube voltmeter (restored)
Peaktech stationary precision multimeter
– Atlas component tester
HP signal generator
Wandel & Goltermann audio analyzer (restored-repaired)
Weller soldering station
Zeiss stereo reflected light microscope

CNC milling machine and accessories
BZT PF750 with mandrel spindle area 41 x 55cm
– vacuum table
– Low quantity lubrication

– Various Festool machines and cordless screwdrivers
Lamello cutter (restored)
Elu chop saw (restored)
– Column drilling machine Ixion MK2 cone completely (incl. Frequency converter) restored
Mafell “Monika” circular saw table (restored)
Ixion 380V Mk2 column drill (restored)

almost use tools
– Bungard circuit boards
– Sorotec and Kobratec cutters
– drill
– Festool wood milling cutter
– HiFi2000 housing

It does not always have to be brand new tools, especially quality tools “made in Germany (or USA)” are worth repairing and refurbishing.
For everyone there are Machines made in germany still original spare parts!

So a few words about the lasting value of such machines.
Of course I am an economical person and I also look at the price.
Finding tolls via google or other search engines reasonable offer is part of the hobby.
But the best and most beautiful experience I have had when I bought on small market like “Kleinanzeigen” in germany.
One is often “among oneself” and the exchange of ideas and appreciation are striking. And there are some really gifted machine restorers !!!

When it comes to buying in retail, I always try it on site. Although this has become difficult even in a big city… ..

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